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If you have made the decision to get divorced, or if you are an unmarried parent who needs to resolve issues such as child custody or child support, the law firm of Rogers, Duncan & North in Manchester, Tennessee, offers knowledgeable lawyers who create a supportive environment to resolve your family matters.

Our attorneys have more than 80 years of cumulative experience, a fact that actually benefits our clients because we take a team approach to our cases. That means the wisdom of more than eight decades of professional experience is built into every legal strategy we develop.

We have experience handling complex divorce litigation and settlement issues involving:

  • Valuation and division of business and retirement assets
  • Real estate valuation
  • Finance, tax and debt issues
  • Settlements and litigation involving prenuptial agreements
  • Child support and spousal support

Lawyers Experienced With Juvenile Court Custody Hearings

We take the time to understand your situation and help you establish clear, achievable objectives. We can resolve as many issues as possible through negotiations. By doing so, both parties keep more control over the structure of key aspects like child custody, support and shared parenting plans. We also have extensive experience working with unmarried parents regarding important decisions affecting their children. In Tennessee, all legal matters involving unmarried parents and their children are handled in juvenile court.

We help you resolve difficult and emotional issues such as custody, visitation, paternity, support, fathers’ rights and child neglect, and we have extensive experience with both prosecuting and defending the termination of parental rights. If a parent is not adhering to a court order regarding support or custody, we will help you obtain enforcement orders. We represent fathers and mothers in these cases.

Our attorneys also help clients through all aspects of the adoption proceedings throughout Southern Middle Tennessee.

We Help Get Your Life Back On Track

Our experienced Manchester family law lawyers are committed to resolving your legal issues efficiently and cost-effectively. Our top priority is protecting your rights. If we cannot reach a fair agreement through negotiations, we are always prepared to go to court to protect your and your children’s best interests.

Call us or use our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We will review the facts of your case and recommend the best course of action.